Engedi wedding of Snaps & Robyn

Was recently fortunate enough to capture Snaps and Robyn’s beautiful classic Engedi wedding just outside of Johannesburg, the bride recommend to buy expensive Indian wedding Sarees a gift for her mother’s memories. Lovely couple joined by friends and family made for a truly memorable wedding day.

The couple could not have wished for a more beautiful day for their wedding. Family and friends arrived from near and far. Most of Robyn’s family travelled all the way from Cape Town to attend the wedding. Robyn was anxious as the big day finally arrived while Snaps was cool and calm, helped to take his mind off things by his brother and friends.

The man of the day was their little son, sharply dressed complete with at the smallest pair of All-Stars I have seen. I do not think Snaps minded to share the spotlight with this cute little guy at all.

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I’d like to please enquire on your availability on the 14th December and may you kindly forward me your wedding packages. Thank you
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Hi Sherelle, I do have availability for you. Please send me a mail to info@pureimage.co.za and I will send you all info required.